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To further educate yourself we have compiled informational materials and links as it relates to Integrative Medicine and services provided at Phoenix Integrative Medicine. We always encourage our patients to do their own due diligence and formulate any questions they may have on a specific ailment or treatment to review with Dr. Jon Hinman.  Submitted information on this page is solely used for purposes of delivering information to you, webinar links & reminders. Emails/contact information are not used for any other purposes or for dissemination of promotional materials. You can at anytime unsubscribe from our webinar email sign-up by reaching out to We recommend you join Dr. Jon Hinman on his webinars if you have any questions regarding the services offered by Phoenix Integrative Medicine.

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Webinar Series with Dr. Jon

Dr. Jon Hinman will be hosting webinars every other Wednesday at 5:00 PM (Alaska Time) to introduce and host a Q&A session with regards to services offered at Phoenix Integrative Medicine. 

Join us at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, March 27th by selecting this link,

JOIN WEBINAR – March 27th Integrative Intro and Q&A

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

03/27/24 – EBOO, Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy

Webinar E-mail Sign-up

By submitting your email we will email you a reminder of the webinar two days before the webinar event with the link to the webinar. Additionally, you will be provided links of past webinar recordings. Submitted email addresses will only be used for the communication of the webinar events.

Webinar format will be that of Dr. Hinman introducing the therapy, demonstration of the therapy (when applicable) followed be an open forum to answer any questions the participants may have.


Provided below are the product and service links for services and products provided at Phoenix Integrative Medicine. We encourage you to further educate yourself and ask Dr. Hinman any questions regarding the mentioned products or services.

Phoenix Integrative Medicine brought StemWave™ to Alaska! Always on the forefront of healthcare innovation, Dr. Hinman was the first licensed provider in the state of Alaska for StemWave™ Therapy.

Phoenix Integrative Medicine supports and promotes EVEXIAS and EvexiPEL products for integrative solutions.

Dr. Hinman is trained and certified to provide all three procedures, O-shot®, P-shot® and Priapus Toxin™,  for Phoenix Integrative Medicine patients.

Nitric Oxide Skin Serum

Dr. Jon's Recommended Reads

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